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Jury for the III Side by Side Film Festival 2010



Gluklya (Natalia Pershina-Yakimanskaya) – Saint Petersburg artist, director and screenwriter. In 1995 she co-founded the Factory of Found Clothes with Tsaplia (Olga Egorova). The Factory of Found Clothes is one of the most productive and energetic groups on the Russian art scene and has participated in some of the largest exhibitions and forums for contemporary art around the world. Glyklya and Tsaplia have also shot several films, the most notable one of which is “Three Mothers and a Chorus” (2007, 32min).






Statement: “I am very glad that in contemporary Russia there is positive change. The struggle for tolerance and equality is a noble and necessary fight which separates a developed society from wild animals. Art is an essential tool in this fight. Fight on, friends!”



Serge Golovach – Moscow photographer. Body art, performances, panoramic photography, films, serigraphy, animation and podcasting are all artistic forms for Serge. He is the photographer of various socio-artistic projects, such as “+” (a project against the stigmatization of  those living with HIV), “Eye2Eye. Women against HIV,” “Starts Against AIDS” and “Your Health is in Your Hands / Stars Against Tuberculosis.” 





Statement: “Just recently a new animated cartoon “The Ugly Duckling” by Garri Bardin was released. His work of six years covers an issue which is eternal and sends a message to all those who do not tolerate individuality, diversity and identity. Our society is extremely screwed up despite being in the 21st century. And that is the reason why it is intolerant to all “ugly ducklings” and “white crows”. I have always fought against internal fears and I know that the best way is through creativity. Cinema is the world of illusion where we have the possibility to discuss openly pseudo-real characters that are so similar to us. Or perhaps similar to others? I love my country, no matter how exotic it sounds nowadays. And I sincerely believe that Russian society on an equal basis with the European will be able to overcome internal prejudices and be more tolerant towards everybody who is Different.” 




Dmitry Dubrovsky – Candidate of Historical Science, Human Rights and Civil Activist, Lecturer of “Arts and Human Sciences” at the Philology Department of the Saint Petersburg State University. Dmitry heads the human rights programme in Smolny Institute for Liberal Arts and Sciences. 






Statement: “A poet said: "The purpose of creation is the discipline of excellence, but not sensation or success.” But creative competiveness nevertheless exists and that is why I wish the contestants to combine discipline of excellence in creation and luck to win.” 



Antoine Cattin  (Switzerland)  – Documentary Film Director, Founder and Editor of cinem magazine “Off Screen” (“Hors Champ”, Switzerland). Together with Pavel Kostomarov he is the producer, director, cameraman, scriptwriter and film editor of award winning films in such as “Transformer” and “Peaceful life”  and “Mother”. At present Anton is working on a documentary about film director Aleksey German. 



Statement:  “I don’t really like being a jury member because I have to judge my colleague’s films. But this time I’ll be the member of the award panel with great pleasure since I support the organizers of such a festival in Saint Petersburg. I know how hard it is to do this, especially in the most “diverse and intentional cities” with all its fears and complexes. But I really hope that such events will help to broaden concepts, liberate people and mainly authority from the long-lived habits – one day suffer silently, another day punish loudly.”  



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