Througout 2011 Side by Side has held a series of special svents devoted to a range of LGBT issues. Each special event includes a film screening, and / or discussion, seminar or workshop. Participants include specialists from the field of cinema, gender studies, LGBT activism, human rights, psychology, press and mass media.

Side by Side Special Events 2011

Human Rights Film Festival 32nd May

Freeheld and Discussion on LGBT Rights in Russia.

12 December 2010
Place: Press Club Zelenaya Lampa, 3 Gagaranskaya Street.

Open Your Eyes Film Festival Against Racism & Xenophobia

Prayers for Bobby and Discussion on Parents Accepting their LGBT Children

5 June 2011
Place: Hotel Angleterre, 39 Morskaya Str

German Week

It is not the Homosexual that is Perverse but the Situation in which he Lives, Discussion and Exhibition of LGBT Film Festival Posters.

17 April 2011
Place: Press Club Zelenaya Lampa, 3 Bankovsky Pereulok



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