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Every month an invited guest writer will be asked to address an issue that is of concern to the LGBT community. A broad range of subjects will be tackled from a range of writers national and international - who are experts in the field of LGBT activism, human rights, politics, education, history, media, religion, sexology, psychology, politics and more

14 February, 2017

Cael M.Keegan: The Trump administration does not reflect the majority opinion in the countrythey are an emboldened minority.


22 August 2014

Lesbian Lives in Soviet Russia


Saint Petersburg, Russia - 30 April 2010

This months article: In search of the gay gene. Biology is not destiny comes from British gay rights activist Peter Tatchell. In his article, specially written for Side by Side, Peter Tatchell argues that genetic explanations of homosexuality are crude, simplistic and doomed to failure.

Saint Petersburg, Russia - 1 March 2010

Faith. Hope. What kind of love?

This months article: Faith. Hope. What kind of love? comes from Alexey Timbul. Alexey is an artist and activist whose work with LGBT communities in the United States and Europe has been featured on MTV, the Advocate magazine, and in two documentaries. He also translated the film For the Bible Tells Me So for its Side by Side premier.