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Celebrate , not Deny!

This years Side by Side LGBT International Film Festival will be holding an exhibition of LGBT film festival posters from around the world: Celebrate not Deny!

The exhibition will present more than 50 posters from over 30 different countries. Accompanying each is a brief description of interesting facts about queer film history, the defeats and victories which each festival experienced in the course of their development.

Commenting on the exhibition, curator, Lida Mikhailova: Through these vivid and picturesque images it is possible to gain a sense of each festivals character. Each poster is a work or art and is made even more so due to the fact of the message that it promotes. Each poster artist offers different solutions from feathers to kitchen blenders, from spotted cows to shaggy slippers. All in blazing colors ranging from pink to yellow ducklings, blue poodles and pure black. Hearts, butterflies, masks

The motto of the Indian festival Queer Nazariya aptly sums up the reason for the exhibition: We aim through the outstanding to bring about change works which confirm but not refuse, allow conversation but not enforce silence, celebrate and not deny.

All the showpieces are kindly furnished by the partners of the film festival Side by Side from 20 countries.

The exhibition runs from 15 23  October, 2010 at building 16, 50 Ligovsky Prospect. Opening time: 16.00 -  20.00. All days with the exclusion of Monday.