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Discussions & Debate

An integral part of the Side by Side LGBT Film Festival is the interactive programme of roundtable discussions and debates which take place after the film screenings. All our roundtables and debates include an invited panel of guests and experts. Join us and express your opinion concerning a range of topical issues relating to LGBT issues and rights in Russia and around the world. Let your voice be heard!

State Sponsored Hate of the LGBT Community: Russia and Uganda.

Following the screening of Call Me Kuchu there will be in depth analysis of the present climate in Russia and Uganda relating to LGBT. Issues to be addressed:

Range of violations committed by states and their impact on individuals and society

Explore the reasons as to why states have begun to introduce homophobic legislation

Possible action that individuals and groups can take against such violations

Ways of combating homophobic legislation


Stosh Jovin, LGBT Activist

Igor   Kochetkov, Chairmen of Russian LGBT Network

Stephania Kulaeva, Director of Memorial, Saint Petersburg

Robert Bierdron, Member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe

Moderator  - Valery Sozaev, Advocacy Manager of Russian LGBT Network

Time: 27 October, 2012 (Saturday), 18.25 - 21.15

Place: Co-working Zona deistviya (LOFT Project)  74 Ligovsky Prospekt, 3rd floor

Making the Invisible, Visible: Representations of LGBT in Contemporary Russian Art.

Following the screening of the collection of Russian Shorts: The Beginning, there will be a discussion on the presentation of LGBT in cinema and the arts.

Issues to be addressed:

Present situation in Russia concerning the representation of LGBT

Factors hindering the process of representation of LGBT in cinema and the arts

Ways to stimulate greater production of LGBT in cinema and the arts


Marina Potapova, Screenwriter

Seva Galkin, Director and Photographer

Svetlana Sigalaeva, Director

Milena Chernyavskaya, Producer and Screenwriter

Elena Ustinova, Director

Zhanna Zhunusova, Director

Moderator - Masha Godovannaya, Cinema Critic and Director

Time: 30 October 2012 (Tuesday), 19.30 Ц 21.15

Place: Co-working Zona deistviya (LOFT Project)  74 Ligovsky Prospekt, 3rd floor

A Space for Debate: Political Parties and LGBT.

Following the documentary Outrage there will be a debate in two rounds. Round one to discuss the pros and cons of outing homophobic politicians and public figures who hide their own homosexuality but lobby for anti-gay legislation and support homophobic practices. Round two to discuss the obligations of political parties to adopt policies for LGBT into their manifestos.

Round 1: Outing of Homophobic Politicians

Valery Sozaev, Human Rights Defender and Activist

Maxin Ivantsov,  Human Rights Defender and Activist

Round 2:  Obligations of Political Parties to Adopt Policies for LGBT into their Manifestos

Guests: To be announced

Time: 1 November 2012 (Thursday), 19.30 Ц 23.00

Place: Press Club Zelenaya Lampa, 3 Bankovsky pereulok 


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