For the third consecutive year running Side by Side LGBT Film Festival is taking part in the German Week 13 -21 April, 2011 in Saint Petersburg. The focus for this years event is the power of culture and its potential to influence and create diverse and tolerant societies. Providing the stimulus for discussion is the radical and still provocative work Its not the Homosexual Who Is Perverse, but the Situation in Which He Lives (Nicht der Homosexuelle ist pervers, sondern die Situation, in der er lebt, Germany, 1971) by German director Rosa von Praunheim.

Also joining us for the event is researcher and lecturer in media studies and gender / queer studies Skadi Loist from Hamburg University who will not only provide an introduction to the film but also take part in a round table discussion with invited guests.

Its not the Homosexual Who Is Perverse, but the Situation in Which He Lives -Rosa von Praunheim

Widely regarded as a founding work of the gay liberation movement in Germany, this event focuses on Its not the Homosexual Who Is Perverse, but the Situation in Which He Lives, a film originally greeted with furor and scandal by liberal and conservative establishments alike.

Through a stunning series of tableau-like vignettes narrated by an archly camp voice-over this extraordinary film tells the story of Daniel, a young gay man who moves to Berlin and descends into its homosexual subcultures. Simultaneously a scathing indictment of a homogeneous gay lifestyle structured around perpetual sexual gratification and an attack on the pseudo-bourgeois values of a cultural elite, Rosa von Praunheims analysis is as astute as it is complex.

Its radical propositions and final utopian affirmations were as incisive and critically provocative forty years ago as they are astonishingly pertinent to the socio-cultural situation in which we live today.

Poster Exhibition "Celebrate, dont Deny"

The event opens with an exhibition of Rosa von Praunheim film posters and LGBT film festival posters from around the world. The exhibition: Celebrate, dont Deny! includes many rarities from various countries. Accompanying each is a brief description of interesting facts about queer film history, the defeats and victories which each festival experienced in the course of their development.

The exhibition runs from 17 24 April, 2011 at Press Club Zelenaya Lampa


Skadi Loist, researcher and lecturer in media and gender / queer studies at Hamburg University

Anna Matveeva, Art Critique

Moderator: Valery Sozaev, Gender Studies Researcher, LGBT Activist

Ekaterina Trefilova, Translator German / Russian

Place: Press Club Zelenaya Lampa, 3 Bankovsky Pereulok (Metro.Griboyedov or Gostiny Dvor)

Time: 17 April, (Sunday), 17.00 21.00

Admission Free