Side by Side Film Festival invites you to a Special Event organized as part of this years 2010 International Queer  Festival in Saint Petersburg.

Activism through Art: Injustice. Lawlessness. Discrimination. Are Russia Artists Concerned with these Issues?  

Art can and should be diverse. There are many forms of self-expression. There is no limit to creative imagination in choosing a way to visualize or materialize ideas and sensations. Art is powerful and commands unlimited possibilities to help change the social space.

At the Queer Festival Side by Side LGBT Film Festival raises the issue: Art - entertainment or politics?

After the screening of a collection of short films from Cut Homophobia recorded for Israeli television a discussion with project producer Idan Richter, Russian artists, poets, filmmakers, musicians and photographers will take place. Issues to discuss are:

Can art influence attitudes in society?

What is the Israeli experience in fighting homophobia? What can we learn?

Why, in many countries stars express their civic position, while in Russia there is no such custom.  Is it the result of indifference or fear?

Your questions and opinions are important. Join us for the discussion.  


Idan Sagiv Richter  - director, human rights and animal rights activist (Israel, Italy)
Ocean Leroy - actor, artist and drag-king performer (France)
Gluklya (Natalya Pershina) - queer designer (Russia)
derator: Victor Voronkov  Director of the Centre for Independent Social Research, Vice President of Saint Petersburg Association of Sociologists (SPAS), President of EART (European Assoociation of Researchers of Transformation)

Where & When

Place: Exhibition Center of the St. Petersburg Artists Union Long Hall (B. Morskaya ul, 38) )))00 )0kdc))))))

Time: 18 September, 2010 (Saturday), 17.00 

Entrance: Free