Unexpected words of love shakes the usual order of an all female battalion, the streets of Stockholm are the stage for a radical all female dance group, a cartoonist draws into life trans experiences and the desire to escape the confines of village life leads to defying actions are just some of the stories making up this collection of shorts.

MALIK  NATHAN CARLI | FRANCE | 2018 | 15 MIN Tonight, Malik has decided its time for him, and for the man he loves, to be free.

TAILOR   CALI DOS ANJOS | BRAZIL | 2017 | 10 MIN Tailor is a transgender cartoonist that shares in his web page other trans peoples experiences and their challenges in society. Film about transgender, made by transgender crew.

LOVE LETTER  ATARA FRISH | ISRAEL | 2018 | 20 MIN Noa is a rookies commander in the army. One day she discovers a love letter from one of her female soldiers. While struggling to understand whether the letter is a joke or not, Noa will have to choose between her safe restrained world and her urge to feel, at least for a brief moment, loved. 

JUCK  OLIVIA KASTEBRING, JULIA GUMPERT, ULRIKA BANDEIRA | SWEDEN | 2018 | 17 MIN Juck depicts an all-female dance group whose ground-breaking appearance pushes the boundaries of femininity and masculinity. "What are you looking at?" Go ladies, go!

HOWS YOUR PROSTRATE?  JEANNE PATURLE & CÉCILE ROUSSET | FRANCE | 2016 | 3 MIN  Two friends sitting by the pool. One recounts the day when she experienced an unexpected conversation with her father who candidly talked on his prostate and the state of his erectile function.  

MY OWN WINGS   KATIA REPINA, CARLA MORAL | SPAIN, UKRAINE, USA | 2016 | 8 MIN An exploration of intersex identity through the stories of individuals from around the world.

WOULD YOU LOOK AT HER!   GORAN STOLEVSKI | MACEDONIA | 2018 | 18 MINA hard-headed tomboy spots the unlikely solution to all her problems in an all-male religious ritual.



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