With her uncompromising lyrics against all forms of oppression, Swedish rapper Silvana Imam has taken Scandinavia by storm. She uses her razor-sharp tongue to spotlight movements taking place in today's society, embodying the voice of a new generation along the way. This film follows Silvana from underground artist to icon, as she wins several major awards and forms an almost mythical relationship with Swedish pop- artist, Beatrice Eli.

However, after just one year in the limelight, it all came to a sudden halt. Silvana crashes under the pressure, fed-up with the implications of being labeled a strong female. She decides to start showing new sides of herself because there are no super-heroes, just human beings. 



2018 | Best Documentary, The Guldbagge Award, Stockholm

2018 | Best Documentary, Turin Film Festival 

Silvana Imam is a feminist, lesbian ad anti-racist rapper.

Born to a Lithuanian mother and Syrian father, she has been making waves there over the past few years for her uncompromising lyrics: You say my love is breaking the law/I say you have super thin dick she raps on Imam Cobain. On her EP, När Du Ser Mig Se Dig quotes Judith Butlers gender theory (gender is a kind of imitation for which there is no original); calls out racial discrimination in the labour market (15 million people in the world are called Mohammed but whose name do they want to see on the CV?), and more or less calls for a feminist revolution (the patriarchy must be overthrown).

She also takes a moment to raise a band of freedom fighters (we are power pussies) and challenge her rapper peers: take the cake and throw it back at him, Anna-Mae.


                                                                                                                                                                                        PRESENTER: SASHA CHERNOUSOVA  - Participant in the project Feminists Explain


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