I    L  I  K  E    G  I  R  L  S 

An unexpected favour requested from a sister, an awkward homecoming, strange developments when a night is spent alone, the consequences of falling for the wrong person and unrequited love are just some of the stories making up this yearís collection of womenís shorts.

SPUNKLE  LISA DONATO | USA | 2016 | 13 min A brother contemplates fatherhood when his older sister and her free-spirited wife ask him to be their sperm donor of their baby... or the uncle... or the spunkle!

MY GAY SISTER  LIA HIETALA | SWEDEN | 2017 | 15 min Ten-year-old Cleo has a head full of questions: How can I tell if Iím in love with somebody? How do I know if I prefer boys or girls? Since her older sister began dating another girl, there are new, strange feelings stirring inside Cleo.

FANNY  HALFDAN ULLMANN TØNDEL | NORWAY | 2017 | 29 min  Fanny, a young woman in her mid-twenties, has just moved back to her hometown to start at the local University. During orientation she struggles to bond with the other students, and decides to seek out an old friendship.

PUSSY  RENATA GASIOROWSKA | POLAND | 2016 | 8 min  A young woman decides to spend the evening alone at home, but not everything goes according to plan.

GODDESS  KARISHMA DUBE | INDIA | 2017 | 13 min  Set in New Delhi, a closeted lesbian risks family and social boundaries as she pursues her household maid, Devi.

BEAUTIFUL FIGURE  HAJNI KIS | HUNGARY | 2016 | 16 min  A high-school cleaning lady falls in love with one of the female students in the school.

I LIKE GIRLS  DIANE OBOMSAWIN | CANADA | 2016 |8 min Women reveal the nitty-gritty about their first loves, sharing funny and intimate tales of one-sided infatuation, mutual attraction, erotic moments, and fumbling attempts at sexual expression.

LILY  GRAHAM CANTWELL | IRELAND| 2016 | 20 min  Lily, a girl with a secret on the cusp of becoming a young woman, is faced with the greatest challenge of her young life.

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