T  O  M  C  A  T

HANDL KLAUS  | AUSTRIA | 2016 | 124 min.

How well do you think you know the person with whom you share your house and bed?

Andreas and Stefan is an upper-middle class, gay couple that is most certainly ready to answer “pretty well”. Their happy and peaceful connubial bliss is completed by their cat Moses. However, one day, an unexpected violent incident casts a dark shadow over this domestic heaven. When the feeling of trust is gone in their relationship, they start drifting apart, and even fear each other.

One should have nerves of steel watching this minimalist thriller, which would sit nicely next to films by Austrian masters like Haneke or Seidl.

A  W  A  R  D  S

2016 | Teddy Award, Best Feature, Berlinale


Q  &  A    W  I  T  H    C  O  N C  H  I  T  A    W  U  R  S  T


              M E E T  C O N C H I T A  A T  T H E  S C R E E N I N G  A N D  J O I N  T H E  A F T E R P A R T Y    


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