I  N    B  E  T  W  E  E  N


Tel Aviv, Israel: where Islamic, Christian and Jewish culture meet, and modern impulses confront old traditions. This is where Laila and Salma share a flat. Laila is a lawyer, Salma is a DJ, and they both dress, talk and drink as they like. Their new flatmate however, Nour, lives by the strict rules of traditional Islam. For her, the meeting is a shocking discovery of possible freedom, while Laila and Salma encounter new boundaries in their own lives. Soon all three of them will face difficult choices concerning freedom, love and family. What do you do when society denies you the right to be yourself?

In Between is Maysaloun Hamoudís debut feature, and offers an exciting look at both joys and problems of living in Israel today. The movie casts a wide net, from the dramatic to the comical, the personal to the political.

A  W  A  R  D  S

2017 | Nominated for 12 Ophir Awards, won 2: Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress

2017 | Trondheim Intl Film Fest New Director Award

2016 | Toronto International Film Festival NETPAC Award for World or International Asian Film Premiere  

Q  &  A    W  I  T  H    G  U  E  S  T  S

                      M O U N A  H A W A              S H A D E N  K A N B O U R A               S A N A  J A M M E L I E H     ASYA OSNOVINA (KHODYREVA)  

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