R  A  R  A

PEPA SAN MARTIN | CHILE | 2016 | 98 min.

12-year-old Sara lives in Viña del Mar, Chile. Her life is just like that of any other early adolescent, the only exception being that her mother’s new partner is a woman.

LGBT politics are controversial in Chile’s more conservative enclaves and Sara’s new familial constellation doesn’t make life easy for her. Things are further complicated when Sara, who like most girls of her age has an often tumultuous relationship with her parents, falls out with her mother. Sara’s well-meaning but misguided father uses this event to insinuate that Sara’s mother’s sexuality makes her an unfit parent. With a trial looming and the family placed under increasing scrutiny, it is only a matter of time before their little unit starts to disintegrate.

Taking inspiration from a real court case, Martin uses the family drama milieu to powerful effect with a style that is intricately observational, subtle and ultimately deeply moving. A sweetly melancholic film, Rara is a joy to behold.

A  W  A  R  D  S

2016 | Berlin International Film Festival, Grand Prix of the Generation Kplus International Jury Best Feature Film

2016 | Queer Lisboa Festival International de Cinema Queer, Best Feature, Best Actress

2016 | Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival – Best Fiction Film Felix Award  


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