Sportsman | Olymic Champion

2016 marks the 40th Anniversary of Greg's first Olympic win. Greg won a Silver Medal at the 1976 Montreal Olympics, in platform diving, at the tender age of 16. Eight years later he became the first male diver to win double Gold in springboard and platform in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, and again in the 1988 Seoul Olympics. He has won a total of 5 Olympic medals, 5 World Championship titles and 47 national titles — more than any person in U.S. history. His records remain unbroken. In 1988 Greg Louganis also tested positive for HIV. Coming out as a gay athlete in a time when it simply was not done, his 1995 autobiography, Breaking the Surface, spent five weeks at #1 on the New York Times bestseller list and his PGA and Emmy nominated

Documentary Back on Board is receiving rave reviews nationwide and can now be seen on HBO. On April 4, 2016 General Mills announced that Greg would receive a Wheaties Box for his achievements on and off the diving board, and that development was so significant it warranted a New York Times exclusive. In July of 2016, he had the honour of being included in ESPN's prestigious, annual Body Issue. In late September, he will receive the Action Award from Athlete Ally, alongside Kareem Abdul Jabaar, and on October 1st, he will be awarded the prestigious Elizabeth Birch Award in Dallas, Texas.

The story of Greg’s life, is a story that has inspired millions, and he regularly speaks to the most significant organizations and companies in the world to share that story. Today, as an author, actor, activist and humanitarian, clothing and jewellery designer, he continues his traditional of excellence in every field he touches.

“I am honoured and humbled to be travelling again to Russia to support the LGBTI community. It is important and meaningful to give voice and support to youth and the community of acceptance of ourselves as human beings. To be bringing and showing Back on Board is a real tribute to the dedication of the Side by Side LGBT Film Festival, to show people we love and care about humanity as a rich diverse culture.”



LGBT / HIV Activist | Manager of Phoenix Plus