Nickolas Bird, Eleanor Sharpe  | Australia | 2015 | 83 min.

In the 1970s, at a prestigious Catholic boys school in Melbourne, arty and flamboyant Tim Conigrave fell madly in love with the star of the school’s football team John Caleo.

In 1995, Timothy Conigrave’s memoir, Holding the Man, was published. The book told the story of his passionate relationship with his first and only love, John Caleo, a relationship that began in high school and ended 16 years later when the AIDS virus struck down both men. Tim’s memoir became an instant classic. Millions of copies have been sold and the book has been adapted for the stage and screen. 

Remembering the Man is a feature length documentary that uncovers the true story of these star cross‘d Romeos: their awkward schoolboy romance; their parents’ efforts to keep them apart; temptation, infidelity and separation; how they came back together stronger than before; and finally the courage they had to find when they learnt they were both HIV positive. Through

Tim’s voice and intimate interviews with friends and colleagues and unprecedented access to archival footage and family photos, Remembering the Man paints a raw, gritty and intimate picture.


2015 | Adelaide Film Festival | Foxtel Movies Audience Award, Best Documentary, 2016 | Melbourne Queer Film Festival | Audience Award - Best Documentary, Jury Award









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