Hrvoje Mabic  | Croatia | 2015 | 95 min.

At the age of 16 Ana was locked up in a psychiatric hospital by her parents who arranged the treatment for curing her homosexuality with the hospital director.

After enduring five years of heavy traumas at the hospital, Ana is now free but on the verge of suicide and with almost no trust in people around her. Everyone she ever loved has rejected and abandoned her. Still, she longs for a girl who would accept her and wouldn’t think of her as insane because of her PTSD condition. She finds all that in Martina, her new love whom she plans the wedding with. However, Martina’s huge patience and devotion wanes with time as she finds Ana obsessed with her past. Her only reason for living is revenge on everyone who caused her pain and suffering, and not the relationship and life they’re sharing together. 

Will Ana manage to overcome the hell she went through and devote herself to the life with Martina? Or will she end up abandoned and alone again?

Sick is a film about love, betrayal, revenge and forgiveness.


2016 | Toronto Arthouse Film Festival | Best Documentary Feature Film



                                HRVOJE MABIC 


                     ALEXANDER MARKOV 







   15.30 - 18.15


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