Carlo Lavanga  | Italy | 2015 | 83 min.

Arianna was born three times: once as a boy; three years later as a girl; and finally, fully, during a sultry lakeside summer, when she discovers that she is neither, or both—intersexual.

At 19, the captivating pale-eyed beauty looks as if she had stepped out of a Renaissance painting, with her boyish figure, tousled hair, and fine nose. But there is anxiety behind her eyes—she has not yet begun menstruating, and despite reassurances from her doctor father, the hormone patches have resulted in not much more than aching breasts.

Arriving at her parent’s country retreat near Lake Bolsena in Tuscany, Arianna embarks on a journey uncovering the secrets of her past through the exploration of her body. Slowly she pieces together the truth and finally comes to face with the true nature of her sexuality and her identity.


2015 | Venice Film Festival | Best Actress in a Debut Film (Venice Days), 2016 | Dallas International Film Festival | Special Jury Prize, 2016 | Golden Globes, Italy | Best Actress



                              ONDINA QUADRI 


                         ALISA TAYOZHNAYA 



LOFT 18.46


   20.00 - 22.55

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