Shonali Bose  | India | 2014 | 97 min.

Laila is a talented composer-songwriter who views her cerebral palsy as a minor hurdle to overcome as she strives to fulfil all the typical desires of an ambitious and spirited young woman.

When a fellow musician at Delhi University breaks her heart, Laila makes the difficult decision to leave her affectionate family and enter a writing program at NYU. During an Occupy Wall Street demonstration, Laila escapes from tear gas with Khanum, a beautiful Bangladeshi-American woman (who is visually impaired and a Muslim), and their flirtation quickly blossoms into a full-on affair.

But what will happen when Laila brings her new love home to India, where homosexuality is still illegal by legislation, and where such a romance among the differently abled is especially taboo?

Her exhilarating adventures cause a rift both within herself and with those she is closest to. Desiring and pleasing another, fully participating in life with all its joys, wackiness, and losses—this heroine shows how it can be done and despite all the obstacles it is possible to find the strength to be truly oneself.


2016 | National Film Awards, India | Special Jury Award, 2015 | Asian Film Awards | Best Composer, 2014 | Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival | Best Actress









                           ÀYMAN ECKFORD 


                              JOLANT WHALE 


                          KIRILL FYODOROV 




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