Call for volunteers

We have a number of specific vacancies for volunteers and are at present looking for people to help with marketing activities, PR, fund raising, film programming, organizing events, writing, translating, design and photography.

Applicants will need to have a knowledge of, or interest in, LGBT film and culture although film festival experience is not a must.

If your feel you would like to take part in this exciting project and make a change to LGBT community in Saint-Petersburg, Russia please send your CV along with a brief description on how you could help Side by Side project to [email protected] You could be involved at any level of Side by Side's work in many different ways: from those requiring specialist skills to others where energy and enthusiasm are the only qualifications. If you feel that you can contribute in a positive way to the success of this project please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

Immediately we are looking for:
  • Graphical designer
  • Web designer & developer

Why Volunteer? What's in it for you?

  • Make a positive change to the position of LGBT community in Russia
  • Facilitate and create greater understanding and acceptance of sexual minorities within straight society
  • Make history and participate in a unique, never done before project
  • Be part of a project that has great scope and huge potential for the future
  • Open up opportunities for yourself and earn the possibility of becoming a permanent full-time paid Side by Side employee
  • Test and excel yourself in an unfamiliar working environment
  • Learn how to cope with tough conditions and limited resources
  • Develop and equip yourself with invaluable professional experience
  • Implement and extend your professional skills
  • Network and making contact with like minded people
  • A feel good factor - celebrate and enjoy being a member of the LGBT community
  • Opportunities to attend Side by Side events
  • Regular updates on Side by Side's activities
  • Opportunities to attend lunchtime or evening screenings

Interested in getting involved with this landmark event? Take a look and see how you can contribute!



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