Our Mission

We are an independent non-profit organisation that seeks to be one of Russia's largest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) film festivals. We aim to run an annual event showcasing the best in contemporary lesbian and gay cinema from around the world at venues in Saint-Petersburg. We want to forge a reputation as one of the world's premier LGBT film events, where LGBT and other audiences are offered the chance to see the work of exciting new and established filmmakers. Committed, driven, energetic and passionate about our goals, we endeavor to create a cultural space in which members of the LGBT communities are not only able to question, reaffirm and extend their identities but additionally establish contact with society at large, generating dialogue in a positive atmosphere through the medium of film, facilitating understanding and fundamentally broader acceptance of minority groups.

Film Festival Organizers
  • Gulya Sultanova
    gulya [at] bok-o-bok.ru
Director of Operations
  • Manny de Guerre
    manny [at] bok-o-bok.ru
Director of Programming
  • Ksenia Zemskaya
    ksenia [at] bok-o-bok.ru
Director of Development
  • Irina Sergeeva
    irina [at] bok-o-bok.ru
Director of Business Development

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