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In many societies around the world LGBT communities enjoy greater freedom and the protection of their rights. Unfortunately, this is not the case worldwide. In Russia LGBT people continue to be at particular risk, facing entrenched prejudice and widespread intolerance. The Side by Side LGBT Film Festival endeavors to become one of the first events open to the general public in Russia aiming to challenge the enforced social invisibility.

Help us to break the silence! Bring change to LGBT community in Russia! Be part of history!

  • "I am proud to support this pioneering festival and wish it every success. Film is an international language meant to inspire, educate, and raise awareness of our common humanity. I hope that these films will help to do just that for the issues of gay and lesbian rights in Russia today." - Sally Brucker, Professor/art therapist, Washington DC

  • "I donated to the "Side by Side" International LGBT Film Festival because I find that LGBT individuals have some of the most compelling and least talked about stories of today and yesterday and throughout history. Because of people's fears and prejudice too many of these stories have remained untold. What a better way to bring these untold stories to the surface than through art and specifically film, where it can reach so many people. As I'm not a filmmaker, donating to "Side by Side" is the least I can do to show my support for this incredible and groundbreaking festival!"
  • - Lisa Joyce, Actress, New York

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Are you interested in supporting the arts in the LGBT community? Being an integral part of something new and unique Russia? Giving back to the community? Then see our Sponsorship Proposal on how to become a sponsor or Donate Now!

Your sponsorship helps to underwrite the costs of this four day event held in Saint-Petersburg. As a non-profit organization, Side by Side relies on these funds as an essential enabling element in bringing this film festival to life.

Making it as vibrant as possible, showcasing ground breaking and award-winning work we want to garner national recognition and establish ourselves as one of Russia's key cultural events, becoming a vital part of the film and cinema tradition.